Rexel IPG partners on a mega cable tray project in Russia

Rexel IPG working with Rexel France have been awarded a contract on a mega project to supply a large cable tray package in Russia.

Our customer, a large European-based EPC, was looking for a reliable partner who would be able to not offer just competitive pricing and lead time, but also to assist in understanding and complying with Russian market standards as well as to manage complex documentation requirements and import processes into Russia.

 “Our long-established relationship with our vendor partner, combined with Rexel IPG’s knowledge of the export process, allowed us to address the customer’s needs and develop the right offer. The customer was extremely satisfied with the export documentation,  inspection, including quality control, of our vendor, which further confirmed our competitiveness” added Jerry James, Business Development Manager, EMEA.

Rexel IPG are currently pursuing other opportunities in Russia which remains a key geography for the business.