Oil, Gas & Chemicals


Rexel IPG is experienced to serve you on:



We offer you a full range of solutions to support your project while monitoring a key focus on safety.

May it be on an upstream, midstream, downstream or petrochemicals job, attention to safety matter is always very critical. At Rexel IPG, we have structured our services around it:

  • Our sourcing capability and technical expertise include ex-proof product ranges, in any major electrical standard
  • At the branch local to the job site, operating procedures are adapted to meet specific quality requirements
  • Through our documentation processes, we track and report product origins, certificates and any required test information
  • We bring experience to material take-off, manage electrical inventory on the jobsite, and optimize productivity of your contractors



  • Large Residue Refinery, Bulgaria 2012-2013
  • Large Petrochemical Complex, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – since 2013
  • New LNG Terminal, Singapore – since 2012
  • LNG Technological Renovation – since 2013




REXEL ipg is experienced to serve you on:


We support you during the construction or renovation of your power facilities.

The need for power plants exists in all countries, either to add production capacity or to renovate existing ones. In both cases, it is likely that Rexel has a branch nearby to supply your project with electrical products, leveraging our sourcing expertise, inventory management and resources next to your local project team. If there is no local pre-existing Rexel presence, we create it, deploying warehousing and material management capability next to / on your jobsite in order to optimize logistic flows while generating measurable savings. 
There as well, applying all required standards in terms of safety and compliance programs, may it be a nuclear or non-nuclear project.


we supported our customers on these projects (extract):

  • Large New Energy Station, USA since 2013
  • Nuclear Plant Extension, USA – since 2011
  • Greenfield Coal Power Plant, USA – 2009-2012


Mining, Minerals and Metals

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We can support you for your large projects in all location types.

When it comes to mining projects, the "last mile / kilometer" logistics is often a key challenge, especially when the site itself is in a remote location, far from main road and potentially in high elevation conditions. In order to support your needs on such projects, Rexel IPG is able to deploy tailored programs:

  • Combining material take-off, on-site material management, cable management, and off-site warehousing to ensure material availability
  • Allocating experienced personnel that have been through safety training and vetting if required
  • Working in close collaboration with customer procurement and project teams to adapt material flows to the project schedule and monitor cost savings
  • Beyond logistics and material management solutions, we leverage our expertise in electrical design, sourcing and quality to offer competitive solutions (including sourcing options from Best Cost Countries) on electrical products and services


we supported our customers on these projects (extract):

  • New Mining Extraction & Transformation Site, Mexico – 2011-2013
  • Copper Mining Complex, Peru – 2011-2013
  • New Mining Extraction Site, High Elevation Conditions, Chile – 2010-2013
  • OPG1 – 2012 – 2015


Infrastructure & Industrial


rexel ipg is experienced to serve you on:



We bring you the know-how of a recognized player that delivers performance.

All our experience gathered on oil & gas, mining and power projects is naturally positioning us to support you on any large infrastructure or industrial site such as new airport or railway station. We will apply rigor and transparency in our execution, leveraging our technical, sourcing, inventory and project management know-how, combining it with local Rexel presence to successfully save and help you deliver your project and in line with quality requirements, on time and on budget.


WE supported our customers on these projects (extract):

  • Greenfield Polysilicon Plant, USA – 2012 - 2014
  • Large New Tire Plant, USA – 2012 - 2014
  • Paper Mill Site Expansion, USA – 2011-2013