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It is expressly recognised and accepted by all users of this site that any product, service or technology described in these documents may be the subject matter of other Intellectual Property rights for the benefit of Rexel IPG or a third party. No right to use these Intellectual Property rights is granted herein.

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4. Personal data protection

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According to French laws the Internet users are allowed to access, rectify, and delete any personal information (law "Informatique et Libertés", 1978 art. 34) by submitting a written notice to the following addresses:

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5. General information

Even though we have accomplished all the required formalities to ensure that the information contained on the web site is correct, Rexel IPG cannot be held responsible for mistakes, omissions, or for results which might be obtained, transferred to, retransferred to or collected by use of these information. In particular, hypertext links' use may guide you towards other service centres for perusing the wanted information, services centres which Rexel does not control and does not intend to assume any risk related to their content.

6. Remarks

Rexel IPG may not be directly or indirectly held responsible, guarantee and/or stand by the execution of the obligations or commitments of outside service providers which may be mentioned in the context of this site for information and/or indication purposes with respect to which it has a strict legal and financial independence.

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