Technical Application Assistance

Expertise at your service, helping you design the most adapted electrical solutions, select the right products and perform material take-off.


Access to all global and specialized vendors (NEMA, IEC, AUSEX...)


extensive sourcing capabilities and expertise

qualified sourcing from best cost countries

We develop for you alternative / cost competitive options to improve your TCO with no compromise on quality. Sourcing strategies are designed by our experts in cooperation with you to meet engineering, price and schedule requirements. This process includes comparison of local sourcing options vs. sourcing from best cost countries in order to define the most relevant strategy.

Our program identifies opportunities for sourcing in Best Cost Countries, with a structured QA/QC process to assess technical compliance and certifications, manufacturing capacities, and capability to execute orders.

MAIN electrical vendor (mev) approach to go beyond vendor alignment on engineering equipment

Our MEV offer is a strategic partnership that helps you build the most relevant Power Distribution equipments you need on your project.

We provide application design support to create the piece of equipment that fits your needs, which means in particular:

  • Defining applicable codes and standards
  • Designing and recommending a fully compliant system
  • Providing all required documentation to ensure validation from your engineers
  • Sourcing each component from the most appropriate vendor

Close collaboration with your engineering team is essential to deliver you the solution you need.

dedicated technical resources

Our technical experts can assist your teams to design and select the right electrical products and, as a consequence, deploy the most adapted sourcing strategies considering technical compliance, availability, lead time and cost.


Supply Chain Consolidation

We offer you a complete range of electrical bulk material and engineered equipment with all major electrical standards available.

CERTIfications and conformity marks


products we supply

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    Cables & Wires

    • MV Power Cables
    • LV Power Cables
    • Control & Instrumentation Cab
    • Bus Ducts
    • LAN Cables
    • EHT Power Cables
    • Whipwiring
  • image

    Cables Trays

    • Cable Trays
    • GRP Cable Trays
    • Ladder Rack
    • Cable Basket Tray
    • Cable Strut Systems
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    Conduit & Fittings

    • Electrical Metallic Tubing
    • Rigid Steel Conduit
    • PVC Coated Conduit
    • PVC Conduit
    • Ex-Proof Conduit Fittings
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    Cabling Management

    • Glands
    • Ties
    • Markers
    • Connectors & Terminations
    • Grounding
    • Cable Cleats
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    Lighting & Accessories

    • Fixtures
    • Poles
    • Mounting Accessories
    • Lighting Control
    • Ex-Proof Fixtures
    • Energy Efficiency Lighting Systems
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    Motors & Drives

    • Alternators / Generators
    • Electric Motors
    • Speed Reducers
    • Electric Starters & Speed Changers
    • High Performance Motors
    • VFD
  • image

    Primary Power Protection & Distribution

    • MV Transformers
    • LV Transformers
    • MV Switchgears
    • LV Switchgears
    • Substations Motor Control Centers
    • E-Houses
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    Low Voltage Power Distribution

    • MCBs - Panel Board
    • RCCBs - Panel Board
    • Industrial Control Devices
    • Ex-Proof Junction Boxes
    • Ex-Proof Panel Boards
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    Power Management

    • UPS Systems
    • Charger & Rectifier
    • Inverters
    • Capacity Banks
    • Neutral Grounding Resistors


Project Management Solutions

Our complete set of value-added services ensures quality, project monitoring and on-time project delivery.

project management

Our service is deployed applying a proven project management methodology. Our project execution team owns and coordinates our service implementation, under the supervision of a project director. Our standard project execution methodology include Project Execution Plans, GANTT approach, Progress Reports, and Online LISR Reporting (Line Item Status Report)

Regular follow-ups are organized with you to review progresses and measure our performance.


Technical application assistance

Rexel IPG's qualified experts provide material take-off (MTO) for all electrical bulk items specified by the project team. Bill of material (BOM) files are established, maintained, and organized by drawing, area, and revision. It strongly helps to identify all required material, anticipate sourcing efforts (especially our long lead-time items), and monitor material consumption to better control cost.

Through our proprietary MTO software solution, we can give full secured visibility on our take-offs.

Product Catalog Specific to Project

To simplify material requisitions that your contractos will submit on a very regular basis during construction, we build a project specific catalog, gathering all electrical items that have been approved by your engineering team and priced by your procurement group.

cable management

Offering design & specification assistance, Just-In-Time shipments of designated lengths and providing inventory status and project issue reports are just some of the main features of our Cable Management offering.

performance report & summary billing

Reports are customized to address your project’s Key Performance Indicators. Typical metrics include open order lines, inventory turns, and mobilization schedule progress.

Invoicing can also be customized; summarized by release / by time-period, or issued as each transaction.


Project Logistics Services

With on-site or off-site dedicated inventory, we support you just-in-time along the course of your project.

Inventory management with dedicated trailer and staff

We have several options to deploy the right material management solution for you: we can do it on-site with a dedicated trailer, or off-site using a Rexel warehouse; it can be a consigned inventory that we invoice as you use it, or a customer-owned inventory that we manage for you. In any case, we monitor it using our proprietary software, interacting frequently with your project team to ensure efficiency, transparence and no material shortage.

Customized delivery frequency

We will adapt our deliveries to your needs and working hours.

Material requisition process

We define it with you to optimize the process considering your constraints.

Kitting / Staging / Consolidation

We can coordinate a kitting or staging operations capable of grouping, packaging, as well as the delivery of products sets required to maximize the use of construction man-hours.

Services available for all projects, including remote locations with challenging material flows

e.g. mining projects in isolated and high elevation sites.