Greenfield Coal Power Plant, USA


A large US‐based EPC awarded us electrical bulks supply for the construction of a new USD 4 billion Coal Power Plant in the US Midwest. Originally, the EPC handled on‐site material. Five months into the project, the EPC was experiencing fulfillment failures with its resources and processes.

We were given the opportunity to handle the material management.

key stake

The EPC needed a quick solution as the project had already started.

implemented solution

With the support of the local Rexel banner, we implemented a manned crib on‐site that was up and running within 3 weeks. For over 2 years, we managed approximately USD 500,000 in inventory value, across 900 unique items.

tangible benefits achieved

Risk Reduction

  • Dedicated on‐site employee rapidly identified any issues or exceptional situations and took immediate corrective actions to keep project on‐schedule.
  • Full control of inventory ensured stock of only specified material. Off‐site sourcing / direct shipments would have lacked this control.

Cost Savings

  • No downtime or shortage experienced during the course of our involvement.
  • Any down time leading the 800 workers at the jobsite to stop working would have cost an estimated USD 320 / day / worker.
  • Return of any surplus inventory was promised. Approximately USD 70,000 of material were taken back.

Performance Involvement

  • Strong working relationships across the different on‐site disciplines (procurement, electrical engineers, electricians and accounting) allowed for efficient communication.

Part of the EPC’s Success

The EPC managed to deliver this project 5 months ahead of its commitment to the client. Our performance on the electrical inventory management was a cited factor in this success.

ready for new challenges

The strong performance and expertise demonstrated on this project put us in a very favorable position to provide the EPC and its client with high‐level on‐site material management on other project sites. Success on this project has directly led to 6 subsequent opportunities with this EPC.
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